Scrap A Car Bilsborrow


Don’t suffer motor sorrow if you live in Bilsborrow – scrap your car today!

Wave goodbye to that old clapped out banger for good and earn money to boot when you hand it over to The Scrappers.
They’ll whip it away before you can say, ‘where’s my pay’, as you’ll already have cash in your hand!

You get paid instantly when you scrap a car in Bilsborrow with The Scrappers.

And there is no need to come down to the yard with your car, it’s all done for you.
They don’t hang about and don’t want you to either; waiting days for money that’s rightly yours.
That’s why when you scrap with the professionals you get fast payments and peace of mind that your car in being dealt with in a method that’s environmentally sound.

As an authorised car scrapping company every aspect of dismantling and depolluting your old vehicle is done by the book before it is recycled.
This also means that nothing goes to waste as the parts that still work in your old vehicle won’t be tossed on the scrap heap, they’ll be used in cars that need them.
That’s why The Scrappers has such an awesome used car parts service. But they don’t just take parts from vehicles before they are scrapped; they also buy in some parts too.
For example they buy in engines and catalytic converters – they don’t have to come with a car!

So if you want to sell them an engine please call the main number on 01204 388 488. That’s also the number to call if you wish to scrap your car or if you need a certain car part.
You can also check online on the website, or swing on by and come say ‘hi’ to the friendly yard team!

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