Scrap A Car Billington & Langho


Good citizens of Billington and Langho; would you like to make dosh or save dosh?

Have you thought, ‘I want to scrap a car in Billington and Langho, but where do I go?’
The Scrappers has the answer; you come to us! Or rather, we come to you!

All you have to do is phone us, or pop your details into our website and we’ll sort the rest providing you’re happy with our quote for your scrap car – most people are!
We will have an agent based in Billington and Langho head out and fetch your old car back to our main scrap yard. You won’t have to to-and-fro anywhere.
And don’t worry about payment either, you won’t be waiting days or weeks for your money, it’s done at the time of collection. Instant cash – the best sort there is!

Money is rarely easy to get hold of, but when you decide to scrap your car in Billington and Langho, those readies will be ready and waiting for you!
Phone 01204 388 488 and speak to a member of staff will talk scrap car prices and anything else motor-related.

The Scrappers is a leading used car parts specialist too. Just give us a call and we will help you search for that part you need, no matter how out of the ordinary.
We stock common car components, but can also source rarer parts, so if you’ve been having trouble searching for an elusive car part we will do all we can to help locate it.
You can also check our database online, but don’t worry if the part you’re after doesn’t come up in our search results. We also have a wider database to search and will go all out to find it for you.

Call up and let us help you today. Whether you want to scrap a car or find used parts, we’ll do our part to help.

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