Scrap A Car Barnoldswick


If you have a car in Barnoldswick that’s getting on your wick then why not flog it?!

Whether you want to scrap a car in Barnoldswick or simply sell your current model and buy something different, The Scrappers are the people to call.

They don’t wax lyrical, they give it to you straight as they have been scrapping and buying cars and dealing in used car parts for 25 years – long before their competitors.

And their success has been built on giving the customer a fair deal when it comes to scrapping an end of life vehicle; disposing of it in the greenest possible fashion by recycling parts able to be used in other cars. This is also when they take out any pollutants before crushing the rest into a metal chunk ready for its next stage in life.
If the car you want to scrap no longer moves, don’t worry as The Scrappers will send out one of their collecting agents who will take your car away at no cost to you.
This is also when you get paid the scrap metal value of your vehicle and it is immediate cash!
Make sure you have your proof of ownership documents ready so the process can run smoothly and efficiently.

Your dosh is then yours to spend however you may wish!
But please note that you may want to put your cash toward another vehicle and The Scrappers is on hand to help you with your next vehicle choice.
They run a second hand car lot next to their scrap yard and get some belting cars into their yard.
So if you want to bag yourself a real bargain tell them and you could soon be hooked up with your dream motor.

Give them a call on 01204 388 488 and they’ll be happy to help!

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