Scrap My Car Bacup


BACUP and smell the coffee!
Well actually the wads of dosh to be sniffed out!

The Scrappers are buying scrap cars and engines off the good people of this historic mill town.
To scrap a car in Bacup you don’t have to do anything except pick up the phone and call 01204 388 488 or get in touch through our website.

Scrap a Car in Bacup Today!

As we are offering the best cash sums for you old car we think you’ll like what we have to offer.
Our generous offers make us stand out from the rest so if you want scrap your car or sell us an engine pick up the phone today!
We will send out one of our crew to pick up your motor, costing you nothing in transport fees.
All you will need is your paperwork and it’s a done deal. We take your car and you’re pounds richer then before we turned up on your doorstep!



Used Car Parts in Bacup Ready For Delivery!

We also sell parts, including engines, so if you’re looking for something in particular you can search our website or call us.
Right now, in stock, we have all sorts of engines including Mitsubishi Carisma diesel 1.9 F9Q,  Rover K series with ford box, Jag X type auto. 3.0. CC, Kia Sedona diesel and Ford focus 1.4petrol.

But that’s just the tip of the engine iceberg!
We also want to buy engines like these and plenty of others. Ring us if you have one to sell.

And if you’re buying then why not come and check them out for yourself? We welcome anyone down to the yard to have a look at all the engines and other car components we have to offer.

There’s even a café on our premises so why not head down for a brew and peruse?!

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming The Scrappers