Scrap A Car Adlington


Scrap a Car Adlington

Scrap a Car Adlington

Citizens of Adlington; ‘ad enough of that old scrap car? 

Want to add money to your wallet or bank account in a matter of hours?
Then scrap it the right way with the nation’s favourite scrap car dealers, The Scrappers.
We have been scrapping cars for the good folk of scrap a car Adlington and surrounding areas for over 25 years so why not let us help you.
Just call us and tell us you want to scrap a car in Adlington and the make and model of your motor.

Scrap a Car Today Adlington

It might not be a car, it could be a van, a lorry, a truck a bus or a motorbike; it doesn’t matter!  If it’s got an engine (working or not!) we’ll by it off you!
You can scrap any vehicle with The Scrappers because every vehicle can be scrapped!
It doesn’t matter what type of automobile; they all meet the same maker when it comes to the end of their motoring life.

You needn’t bother about bringing your car out to our yard, we’ll do the fetching saving you time and fuel money.
We pay during vehicle pick up too, providing you’ve got your proof of ownership documents with you.

That’s all there is to it on your part; extra money in your pocket and that old heap taken care of finally!

We will then safely dispose of all unwanted pollutants and break your car up for pieces we can salvage.
These parts can be installed in other cars that need them; it’s an efficient way of recycling.
The shell of your old motor is crunched right down into a lump of metal taken off to be melted and recycled.

So there you have it; the quick and easy way to make cash when you scrap a car in Adlington.
Call 01204 388 488 and get that heap off your street!

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