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Scrap Audi Bolton


You might think your car is trash, but did you know it could earn you cash when you scrap it with The Scrappers?

If the engine never turns and it’s costing you hard earns, then why not call The Scrappers?

So it’s accident damaged and causing life to feel unmanaged, then contact The Scrappers.

If you’re needing normality then you need to face reality and scrap it with Scrappers.

Giving customers the best deals for their old wheels you’d be crazy not use The Scrappers.

We are also able to provide – parts shipment nationwide, so why not call The Scrappers.

And if you have a car that can run, for us that’s just as fun, so please do call The Scrappers. 

There’s always lots of room for any kind of vroom vroom, so make sure you call The Scrappers.

And if doesn’t run don’t be mard, our agents can bring it to the yard – after all that’s The Scrappers.

The Scrappers aim is to be in the recycling game – that’s what makes The Scrappers.

And we always brighten your day offering the highest pay, because we are The Scrappers.

OK, so we might not be the best poets in society, but we do know a thing or two about the variety in the scrapyard biz.

You don’t need rhyme or reason when it comes to choosing us to sell your car either.


We take accident damaged cars, MOT failure cars, high mileage cars – the lot.

Because recycling is at the heart of what we do, we’re able to offer you a princely sum for your scrap car.

So if you’re thinking “scrap Audi Bolton,” give The Scrappers a call. Or “scrap my BMW Bolton,” call the Scrappers.

You may have decided, “sell my Mercedes near me,” then call The Scrappers.

Or find a scrap BMW yard Bolton, then call on The Scrappers.

We buy any car Bolton and have been in the business for 30 years.

Scrap cars and car salvage is in our blood – poetry maybe not so!

But we want to give you smiles for scrap cars that have done miles and offer you piles of cash in the process!

You can find out your vehicle’s value online and if you want to do a deal we can usually come and collect your car on the same day. Money for your scrap car goes straight into your bank account. It’s that simple. And because we are a trusted ATF, scrap cars and vans are dealt with properly and legally.

So why not give us a try today and we’ll send you on your merry way with the best payout for a scrap car Bolton and beyond.

Call 01204 388488. 

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