Scrap A VW

May be it’s down to all the sauerkraut they eat, but did you know Volkswagen named many of their cars after winds?!

Their Passat came from the German word for Trade wind which is a steady blowing wind toward the equator from the northern hemisphere.

VW Golf originated from the Gulf Stream and VW Bora came from Bora, a very cold strong wind.

The VW Polo came from the Polar Winds and the Jetta originated from the jet stream!

All these types are currently fetching top prices at The Scrappers. So if you have a VW to scrap or sell we are paying top whack.
Not only do we buy VW motors regardless of their condition, we also buy engines.
Selling us your car or engine isn’t a long winded process either. In fact it’s a breeze!
You can either call us on 01204 388 488 or fill out the form online and we pretty much do the rest.

If you want to scrap a VW or any other make of car we will come and collect it from you for free and pay you cash on the spot.
Make sure you have you documents to hand and that’s it.
And because we pay the best price to scrap a car, you can then blast your earnings on whatever you want! We also sell second hand cars so why not put the money to good use and visit our large second hand car dealership in Bolton.
We also stock parts for VW cars and are always interested in buying in parts too.
Right now we are paying a premium for VW parts and engines, so now is the time to strike before everybody gets wind of the great deals we are doing.
Pick up the blower today!