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Scrap A SEAT Bolton

Scrap my SEAT Ateca

TAKE a seat and let’s discuss the SEAT.

A popular car brand, that’s suited many a contented driver. But like every car, a SEAT will eventually see better days. 

And if that’s the case, do you own a SEAT you’d like to scrap?

Perhaps you own an Ibiza that’s all partied out and you’re thinking, “scrap my SEAT Ibiza Bolton way today”.

Or you may have a Leon, that’s been and gone. Have you been thinking, “where can I scrap my SEAT Leon near me?”

Then why don’t you contact The Scrappers today?

We are Bolton’s busiest and friendliest scrap and breakers yard. The Scrappers are a recognised ATF, meaning we do everything above board.


You could have an accident damaged Arona and you’re thinking, “I need to scrap accident damaged Arona”, then contact us.

What if you own an Ateca that no longer attacks the road. You could be thinking, “scrap my SEAT Ateca” then call The Scrappers. 

Or you may want to say ta-ra to a Tarraco – if that’s the case contact The Scrappers. 

If you’re thinking, “scrap my Tarraco” we are thinking we’ll take your vehicle off your hands.

The Scrappers will take any scrap SEAT and pay you a handsome price in the process.

We understand there are various reasons why you might want to scrap a SEAT Bolton way.


You may want to scrap a high mileage SEAT. Or you may want to scrap an MOT failure SEAT.

If you want to scrap an accident damaged SEAT Bolton way talk to us.

The Scrappers are constantly looking out for scrap SEAT cars, paying the best prices too.

We can offer a competitive rate for scrap SEAT cars because are a breakers yard also. This means we recycle as much of a scrap SEAT as possible.

So if you’re looking for a SEAT parts and breakers yard, speak to us.


Recycling is at the heart of what we do, so we always ensure any parts of a SEAT or other car is re-used if it’s still in good working order.

Why waste money on a new part when you can buy a bargain used SEAT part for a fraction of the price.

And, did you know The Scrappers operate an online parts store? That means you can order used SEAT parts online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Dispatch is usually on the same day of purchase so you can receive your checked and cleaned up used SEAT part quickly.

Why not give us a call to discuss scrapping a SEAT or to buy a SEAT replacement part.  

The Scrappers – car salvation at its best.


  • Or if you have a SEAT to sell, then why not visit our sister site and get the best deal for your wheels.