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Scrap My Mazda Bolton

Scrap accident damaged Mazda CX5

DO you have a Mazda that no longer amazes you? Sell my mazda

Has it made it well passed its sell by date and it’s time to get shut?

If that Mazda no longer dazzles you, then why don’t you call The Scrappers?

We will buy your scrap Mazda off you and pay you a generous sum in the process.

You may have a Mazda RX-8 and you’re thinking, “where can I scrap my Mazda RX-8”.

If that’s the case, call on The Scrappers.

We take any scrap Mazda car going.

You may be thinking, “I need to scrap my Mazda 2 near me,” then get in touch.

Or “scrap my Mazda RX-8 Bolton”, then contact The Scrappers today.

We pay the best prices going for all Mazda cars.

You may have a Mazda 5 to scrap, so if you’re thinking, “scrap a Mazda 5 Bolton” contact us.

Alternatively you could own a Mazda CX5 but it’s a write-off after a collision.


If you’re thinking “scrap an accident damaged Mazda CX5” guess who you should call! That’s right, The Scrappers.

We’re always not the hunt for scrap Mazda cars. That’s because we are Mazda breakers who also special in Mazda car parts.

Our business is all about recycling, so you may have a Mazda you want to see the back of which we will welcome into our yard.

So if you want to scrap a Mazda MX-30 or scrap a Mazda MX-5, we want to hear from you.

Any model of Mazda is good with us and you’ll get a decent payout for a scrap Mazda too.

The Scrappers are an ATF – which stands for Authorised Treatment Facility. We are legally recognised to deal with scrap vehicles. 

It also means every scrap vehicle that comes through the gates is treated with the respect and dignity it deserves.

First and foremost we have a de-pollution area in our yard where all cars go first.

This ensures all liquids from fuel to windscreen cleaner, brake fluid to coolant is extracted environmentally safely. 


Then we get breaking, we break it ’til we make it so that we can salvage the parts of a Mazda that can work in other Mazdas.

We buy any make and model of scrap car and recycle as much as possible. 

The rest is shredded up before going off to a scrap metal recycling plant. Who knows what it’ll be turned into in the next life. 

So if you want to scrap a Mazda Bolton or any other car or van today, call 01204388488.

Or get a quote for your car online.

The Scrappers – everyone’s favourite scrapyard. 

We also have a sister company if you want to sell a Mazda, just click here and you can sell any car you like.

Sell or scrap your Mazda today for amazing pay with The Scrappers.

Better still, payment will go straight into your bank account.

And The Scrappers offer a same day collection service with no admin fees. You canner say fairer than that!

So call 01204 388488 and scrap your Mazda today!

To scrap any other car contact the same number, The Scrappers are always looking for late model cars to break.

The Scrappers – the North West’s leading scrap yard and late model breakers. Happy to help, happy to be of service.