Scrap A Flood Damaged Car

Scrap A Flood Damaged Car

If the winter floods have damaged you vehicle, you have come to the right place. The Scrappers is here for you if you need any information or advice regarding the next step in dealing with your flood damaged car, or you have chosen to scrap it. Damaging your car in any way can cause problems, however if water damage is sustained there could be hidden problems. This means that it is absolutely essential to check your car safely.

Assessment of your cars damage should be your first step if you have been unfortunate enough to have been in floods. You must always wait to make sure that your car is in a safe place, away from any danger before you start your examination of the car. Flooding can damage the electrics, interior and engine of the car and there can always be hidden dangers, especially if the car has been submerged more than halfway.

Here is a check list of problems to assess:

The first thing to do when you have your car in a safe and dry place is to assess just how deep the vehicle was submerged. You can tell this by water, tide and dirt marks on the exterior body work. Sometimes, if the water hasn’t hit the halfway mark, it could be that the vehicle has avoided serious damage.

The next thing to do is to check your oil. As you can check the oil without turning on the engine, this should be your mechanical assessment. If the oil reading is too high it probably means that there is water in the oil. If so, do not start the engine, first you should consider taking the car to a mechanic to drain the oil.

Assessing the interior of your car should be the next step, however, you should leave your cars windows and doors open and manually dry the interior as much as possible. As soon as it is dry, you should begin to check for mould and the smell of damp. Replacing the interior is a must as some water damage can cause health problems.

If you believe that everything in the engine looks fine, and the oil has been checked, then turn your engine on, to see if anything has gone wrong with the electrics within. At this point you should be checking for damage to your headlights, your radiators and dials and gauges. If flooding has damaged your electrics, warning lights, if any lights should turn on. If your warning lights are on it will take a mechanic to determine what exactly has happened with the vehicle.

You should always check your wheels and tyres anyway during the course of the year. However if your car has been hit by flooding, it could be that debris from the water has damaged the tyres, making them dangerous to drive on.
Flooding can really rain on your parade. Water logged cars can end up costing you a fortune in repairs, however there is always the option to scrap a flood damaged car. Here at The Scrappers we pay the best prices on any scrap car, regardless of its make, model or condition. If in doubt, why not give us a call today. Scrapping a car can make you a lot of money and we’ll pay you by cheque when we collect your flood damaged car for free.

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