Scrap a car today for best price

Where is the fairest scrapyard near me?

And relax!

What a feeling when the kids go back to school after the summer break. All that tension just melts away!

But all of a sudden, you got more time to think for yourself, which usually means it’s time to get on with that to-do list that’s been growing by the day.

That list might say it’s time to part with your car too.

Perhaps it barely made the school run this morning. Or you’re downright embarrassed by the sight of it.

Don’t be embarrassed, do something about it! Just call The Scrappers!


Maybe it’s a rusty bucket, or there’s no way it’ll pass it’s next MOT. Perhaps it’s a wreck after you had a prang in it. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of your car why not scrap it with The Scrappers.

We pay the best prices going for scrap vehicles and we buy any car Manchester way and in the North West.

With an impressive scrap and breakers yard in the heart of Bolton, we serve the whole NW region paying top prices for scrap vehicles.

You might be wondering, “where is the fairest scrapyard near me?” and we believe that’s us, The Scrappers.

And we like to pay more than our competitors and that’s why we have so many happy customers.

We also have a bargain used car parts department, so if you need cheap used car parts contact us.

To scrap a car today for best price you need to call 01204 388488 or go online and get a quote in seconds. Whether you want to scrap a VW Golf Manchester way or scrap a Toyota Prius Bolton way or scrap a Discovery Wilmslow way – talk to us.


We take any car and we can collect it for free too. Payment goes straight into your bank and we can even help with the DVLA paperwork.

Oh and because we are a recognised ATF (authorised treatment facility) you can relax knowing your scrap vehicle is in environmentally safe hands.

So why not get in touch today and seal the deal with The Scrappers. Call us on 01204 388488.

The Scrappers – top of the pile when it comes to scrapping your car! 

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