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Sell Ford in Salford

During the early stages of Covid-19 lockdown many vehicles remained stationary, parked up on driveways and outside households.
Feeling unloved and uncared for, no doubt.
And for many motorists this has meant a time of reflection, especially when it comes to owners of older clapped-out models.
Whether it’s a car, a van or even a motorcycle, you may be thinking about parting ways with – now is as good a time as any to scrap that car.
So if you are toying with the idea of ‘how do I scrap my car Salford’ rest assured it’s never been as straightforward for you to get the best deal on an old vehicle. Get those mega ££££££ rolling in!
To scrap a car in Salford look no further than The Scrappers, they are the best for shifting that vehicle you no longer want and earning you a generous sum in the process.
The Scrappers will get you the best rates to sell a car in Salford so that you can have something to show for those wheels you once loved.
In the current climate everyone is nervous about visiting places outside the home and it’s no wonder while we try to beat this destructive virus.
Thankfully, if you sell your car in Salford you don’t have to worry about taking it anywhere.

Car being taken to a local scrap yard in Bolton.

For the best local car scrap yard in Bolton, you need The Scrappers.

That’s because on top of giving you the best price for your vehicle, The Scrappers will come and collect your unwanted car at a time that suits you.
They will do all the legwork and abide by the two meter social distancing rule, so you know you and your loved ones are safe and not risking anyone’s health.
The payment for your old vehicle will go directly into your bank account so there is no worry about touching cash and cross contamination and catching Coronavirus. Besides, paying cash for cars is now illegal and should be avoided at all costs.
When you sell a car in Salford or scrap a car in Salford with The Scrappers it will be taken to an authorised treatment facility where it will be dismantled in a proper and safe manner and you’ll be handed a certificate of destruction.
A certificate of destruction is crucial because it’s the legal proof that you’ve scrapped your motor responsibly to government standards.
Only an Authorised Treatment Facility is a scrap and breakers yard that is audited by the Environment Agency to ensure everything is above board and that laws and regulations are being adhered to.
That means you’ll be able to sleep at night, knowing that you’re not just getting the best price for your car, van, or any other vehicle, but you are also getting a free vehicle pick-up meaning disposing of your car has never been so hassle-free.
So if you want to sell a Ford in Salford, or any other car for that matter in any part of the country, why not find out how much your car is worth by either using our online scrap car valuation form or call our top team for a quote over the phone.
The Scrappers have a trustworthy, dependable network of agents nationwide so wherever your car is they can come and collect it.
For more information about scrapping a car in Salford contact The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488.