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Scrap My Car Bolton

With a population of over 260,000, Bolton is the biggest town in the UK (and the best!)
That’s because we are a vibrant bunch and we’re certainly the friendliest too!
And that’s why, as the nation’s favourite car scrap yard and used car parts dealership, we wouldn’t wish to have our HQ anywhere else.  
Most of us running this yard are Bolton born and bred. We spring from all over including Farnworth, Great Lever, Bromley Cross, Halliwell, Kearsley, Smithills and everywhere in between!  Bolton is in our blood!
So when Boltonians think, ‘I need to scrap my car’, they think The Scrappers.
When Boltonians think, ‘I need second hand car parts’, they think The Scrappers.
Although we serve the whole nation, we can’t deny how proud we are that the heart of our establishment has been in this town for some 25 years. 
Bolton might have been overlooked over time for city status, but actually there is something a bit special about being a thriving community that sets us aside from our bigger, bustling neighbours Manchester, Salford or Preston.
Our adjoining pals seem to choose us over other scrap yards in their area anyway – so we must be doing something right! And because we collect vehicles for free, it doesn’t matter where our customers live!
We also do things a little bit different here which is something our loyal customers have picked up on.  That’s why they come back to us again and again for parts or to part with their end of life vehicle.
We have a reputation for giving the best pay-outs for your old car too; collecting your vehicle, giving you cash on the spot, before dealing with your scrap car in accordance to strict government guidelines.
The same goes for used car parts; they are cleaned and meticulously checked before we sell them on so our customers in Bolton and further afield know they are buying quality.
It’s no wonder we’re always smiling here!


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