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Scrap A Car Bolton Best Price


During the 35 years we’ve been in the local scrap yards business, we’ve unearthed some mighty interesting finds.

But one that sticks to mind from a few years ago was a fluffy little black kitten hiding under the bonnet of an old banger in our Bolton scrap yard.
Luckily the cute fluff-ball was in good shape, healthy and bright eyed too and we eventually managed to reunite her with her owner.
She had travelled all the way from Oldham to our scrap yard in Bolton, a good 20 mile journey for the little lass.

We searched frantically on facebook and finally found the kitten’s family, it must have escaped at some stage and found its way into the vehicle that was for scrapping and was being collected to bring to our car breakers yard in Bolton.

What’s new pussycat?!
We ended up taking the baby cat back to Oldham to his owners. She certainly had nine lives… well maybe eight now!
In a way vehicles can be similar to cats, having nine lives.
That’s because a lot of parts can leave one scrap car and go on and live in another car.
Quality used car parts is something we are very big on here in Bolton.
Why go and spend a fortune on a new engine, for example, when you can get the best price for a reconditioned engine in Bolton from us or nationwide from us too.
If your gearbox has gone and you need a used gearbox, we have used gearboxes in Bolton waiting to live on in other cars. We have cheap gearboxes for sale that are under warranty and will do you proud.
Providing motorists with good quality used car parts is what we love.
We can’t promise to chuck in a free kitten in the mix but we can help with kit car engines UK wide too!
 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘 😻 🚘
So if you need an engine replacement, contact us. We have every make and model engine going pretty much. This includes cheap BMW engines.
Oh, and we have a fitting service available too. You’ll properly feel like the cat who got the cream..
We’re feline good about this scrap Kia
And we are always looking to buy engines too. If you’re thinking, ‘I want to sell my engine for the best price’, call on us.
We will take used Jaguar engines, used BMW engines, used Mercedes engines, used Volvo engines, used Ford engines, all used engines UK wide.
And we have used motors for sale, and yes you can buy a new engine for an old car. You can even get used truck engines for sale from us.Β You can even fill out a parts request form.
And we collect used engines and we collect your scrap car for free. It’s not just cats that get a free ride with us!
If you want to know how to scrap an engine, look no further. We are used engine experts in Bolton. And we cater all over, nationwide including Scotland. We also run a top scrap a car Scotland service and used engine Scotland service too.
You will get the best price for a scrap car in Bolton, in London, north, south east, west – anywhere and get the best price for used engines.
So why not get in touch, find out about our quality used car parts or scrap my car deals.
Call (01204)Β  388488 or fill out this nifty scrap car valuation form online and get the purrfect deal!