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Check out this sexy beast.

It’s a BMW that’s been modified with Lamborghini style scissor doors that swing upwards instead of opening like conventional doors.
This is a real one-off, so if you’re after something a bit special, it’s for you.
Unless you’re in a neck-brace, it’s a dead-cert head turner that’s sure to be snapped up. Our advice is get down to The Scrappers’s bottom yard ASAP.
Built from a 2001 E46 3 series, it runs and drives sublimely. All you need do is sort out your insurance, tax and MOT – and you’re away.
This car’s clearly been a painstaking labour of love, and the result is a gem that’s not just a pretty face.
Scissor doors have numerous practical benefits: You can park in tighter spaces without worrying about bashing the vehicle next to you when getting in or out. And you can run the car with the doors open! Who needs windows anymore!
Britain’s cyclists will also be pleased. Up to 600 a year get knocked off their bikes by carelessly opened doors. So you’ll be doing your bit for road safety when you hit the road in this magnificent machine.
Although we can’t guarantee it, unless you’re a dead ringer for Quasimodo, there’s every chance this motor will be a magnet for…Well, we don’t need to spell it out.
It’ll certainly get a second glance, and might even mean love at first sight. The rest is down to you.
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