Robert Cardos Bolton College Work Experience 2017

So this is a thing, then. All right. I suppose I have to introduce myself.

Ladies and men of the gentle kind, hello and welcome to The Scrappers blog. I am Robert and I will be today’s host for this blog entry.

I am a student from Bolton College doing my work experience here at The Scrappers. This is my first official day here despite the fact that I was here just yesterday. Moving car doors and  headlights around wasn’t the greatest experience ever but here I am, waiting to be inducted and get right into the thick of it.

As part of our course, were told that we had to do at least 30 hours of work experience otherwise we wouldn’t be able to progress to the next level of our course. To me, 30 hours is not enough to warrant not progressing to the next level. Personally, I think doing a month of work experience is the ideal amount as it will set the industry requirement for students. Regardless, let’s talk about the knowledge that I gathered from the college. Having done units such as Website Design, Hardware Maintenance, Sofware Design and Maintenance, Graphics Design, you name it, I got a pretty good idea of what the IT industry has to offer and what its requirements are.

So here I am today at The Scrappers, finishing the blog about myself which took way longer to write than I expected because the spacebar on this keyboard is terrible.

Here’s to a great week.