Replacing old diesel cars will reduce fuel consumption

It has been revealed that if the UK replaces all of the 10-year-old and older diesel cars, then fuel consumption could fall by 173 million gallons.

But that’s not all; diesel particulates will fall by 970,000 kg and NOx emissions of 8.2 million kilograms.

The findings from Kwik Fit highlight the potential from removing the oldest diesel cars from our roads which currently cover around 30 billion miles every year.

The firm says that there are around 3.47 million diesel cars still going and they rack-up an average of 8,676 miles every year.

Switch from old diesels to a new vehicle


This infographic from Kwik Fit explains more about removing old diesel cars.

They have calculated that since average fuel economy has improved for new diesel cars, the total savings from those who switch from old diesels to a new vehicle would be around £948 million every year.

Kwik Fit say there would also be a reduction in the amount of HGV traffic since the UK needs nearly 21,000 fuel tanker loads carrying 38,000 litres in each which will no longer be necessary.

Their research also highlights that potentially the environmental savings could be even greater since new vehicle buyers may be tempted to swap for hybrid or all-electric vehicles rather than switching for a new diesel or petrol engine.

This is underlined with a their survey that reveals just one in three diesel owners currently say they would swap for another diesel vehicle.

The impact of scrappage schemes to reduce emissions

A spokesman for Kwik Fit said: “There’s been discussion about the impact of scrappage schemes to reduce emissions and manufacturers have run their own incentives for new cars.

“However, the incentives’ environmental benefits are unclear since vehicles traded in under the scheme may reappear on the second-hand market.

“Our analysis shows the impact that a national scrappage scheme can have on emissions which is assuming that all the diesel vehicles will be permanently removed from our roads and replaced with new diesel vehicles.”

The researchers say that the cost for replacing all 10-year-old and older diesel models with a new model, with an average price of £28,000, will be more than £97 billion.

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However, growing numbers of people appear to be concerned about the future of owning an old diesel vehicle under laws that could see the cars being forced from our roads to improve air quality.

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