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Reconditioned BMW engines



There is so much detail and intricacy to a car, the engine alone is something to behold.

And often certain parts will look like other objects and things.

Take a look at the image below for example. 

Well hello Ronnie Robot! 🤖
We found Ronnie under here

It’s as though we found a kid’s long lost toy robot hiding under the bonnet of a BMW 320 coupe.

Ronnie Robot looks a bit startled that we’ve unearthed him!


While Ronnie might not run right now, they’ll be parts in this BMW engine that’ll be used in other reconditioned BMW engines which will make them run like a dream again.

Have you got a Ronnie Robot you want to sell? We pay top dough for BMW engines in Bolton and further afield. Collecting them for free too. The same applies for Audi engines in Bolton and nationwide, Mercedes engines Bolton and nationwide too. 

How about this picture here:

Cats have hands?!

It’s catalytic converters, but don’t they look like hands reaching out grasping for something!

We love cat cons as much as we love engines.

Catalytic converters are an exhaust emission control device used to reduce toxic gases and pollutants and they contain metals palladium, rhodium and platinum.  

There are some folk out there who go around stealing cats, in fact last week we fitted a replacement cat for a motorist who had had his cat con stolen.

This type of crime is on the rise unfortunately, with estimated 600 percent increase in cat con crime.

Here’s a stunning shot of our yard, the vehicles awaiting their fate with Gloria our glorious grabber. 

Yard life

She’ll sink her claw into these motors and rip ’em to shreds and then the metal will go off and be melted in the furnace and come out in ingots that’ll be sold on and become something else one day soon.


Look at this pile stacked up against this angry sky… scrunch your eyes and it could almost be the pyramids in Egypt! 

Scrap pyramid in Bolton

This is a scrap pile Gloria has already had her wicked way with. Before the scraps go off to the melting pot they’re stacked up waiting for their next chapter in life. 

The Scrappers also buy metal and non-ferrous metal, so it’s not all vans, cars, trucks and bikes. If you have scrap metal you want to part with, contact us and let’s talk scrap as they say!

We are an authorised treatment facility which means we deal with all scrap vehicles following strict government and health and safety guidelines. This is critical to ensure the safety of everybody as well as the environment. 

We are WAMITAB approved meeting all health and safety criteria.

And we are proud to give our customers the best value used car parts and pay the best prices for scrap cars. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Pick up the phone and talk to us. Or contact us via one of our social media channels.

Or why not visit our website and chat to one of our friendly helpful team members. 

Don’t forget our online parts store is open 24/7. Saving you ££££££££ on used cars parts too!