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Prince of Peugeot

TIMING is everything and at the  moment Peugeot parts are in demand.

So now’s the time to cash in with The Scrappers who are on a mass Peugeot purchase.
Have you got an old or damaged Peugeot you want to scrap or sell? Then you’re on a sure-fire winner with pounds for Peugeots.
The Scrappers are looking for all kinds of used Peugeot cars and vans and we’ll pay immediate cash in hand..
Have you an old Peugeot 307 that’s ready for motor heaven? Give us a call and we’ll come and take it to the pearly gates for free, paying handsomely.
How about a 406 with a clutch that sticks and pulls no chicks (or lads)? Then look no further than The Scrappers.
We are also after Peugeot models 206, 407 and 607, in fact any make of Peugeot you want to sell for cash.

All you need to do is give us a call, have the relevant paperwork ready, and we’ll take care of the rest.
And your old Peugeot will be dealt with according to strict environmental government guidelines.
In our very own breakers yard in Bolton it will be dismantled and parts that can be re-used will be checked and cleaned before going to a new home.
Or Metro may ship it overseas where there is also a significant demand for parts. The Scrappers is currently the UK’s number one exporter of recycled Peugeot parts.

Don’t forget we also want Peugeot vans, so if you’ve got a Bipper, Partner, Expert or Boxer, we van to hear from you!

Contact us now on 01204 388 488.