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Parts and Parcel

When it comes to used car parts, The Scrappers is the full package.
Our yard team are the best at car-breaking, salvaging parts that are still in good condition, even if the rest of the vehicle’s had its day.
It would be an environmental crime not to let these parts live on in other vehicles, especially when second-hand auto parts are so much cheaper than new.
So if you’re looking for a certain used car part at a great price, get in touch on 01204 388 488.
It might be a replacement engine you’re after in Bolton or a new rear axle in Manchester, but whatever used car part you’re hunting for in the Northwest, The Scrappers will help.
Our stockpile of car parts is huge and wide-ranging, serving golden oldies like Ford Sierras, through to youngish Peugeot 208 upstarts; in between are parts for more makes and models than you can shake a dipstick at. 
Remember, all our parts are thoroughly checked and cleaned before we let them go out the door, so you can be certain you’re getting real quality.
And, of course, there’s our ‘Find Car Parts Online’ searcher which helps you track down the exact car part you’re looking for in just three easy steps. Alternatively, simply give us a ring and let’s speak the lingo of motors!
Naturally, we also buy used car parts and pay top-end prices. So, say, if you’ve an engine you want to sell, just let us know.
We’re open seven days a week come rain, sleet or snow, so if you want to pop down to our yard, we’ll be happy to help you.

The Scrappers – particular about parts