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We’re wheely excited to bring some breaking news; All Tyred Up – Bolton’s one stop tyre shop is now open!

If your existing tyres are worn out, All Tyred Up will sort you out with new and part worn tyres putting you safely back in the driving seat again.

We have an enormous stock of tyres, all sizes, all one shape – round! 🤣

So why not roll in and see what we have to offer. Actually, you don’t even have to come to our fabulous tyre depot as we’ve created an online tyre buying service letting you view and choose the tyres you want.

Entyrely thrilled with tyres!

We want the process of buying new tyres and bargain part worn tyres to be as stress free as possible.

Perhaps you’re after some alloys for your existing tyres. If you’re looking for cheap affordable alloys or cheap affordable tyres, All Tyred Up is for you.


But it’s not just our amazing collection of rubber wheels that’ll run rings round you. All Tyred Up also offers an air-con recharge service. 

And for all our new customers we will throw in a FREE recharge test so you will know which type of refrigerant gas is the best to serve your vehicle. 

It’s a straightforward process which removes old refrigerant gas and oil from your air-con system in accordance to your car or van’s manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Back to tyres, let’s run through some of the brands we stock:

We are well stacked with tyres

In our premium tyre range we have new and part worn Bridgestone tyres, new and part worn Pirelli tyres, new and part worn Michelin tyres, new and part worn Dunlop tyres, new and part worn Continental tyres.

Our quality tyre range includes Hankook Tyres, Uniroyal tyres, Cooper tyres, Firestone tyres and Yokohama tyres.


And we also have budget tyre brands such as Autogreen tyres, Aoteli tyres, Fortuna tyres, Minerva  tyres, Wanli tyres and Go Wind Tyres. 

So get All Tyred Up with All Tyred Up and leave those flats and worn out tyres behind!

You can contact us and talk tyres if you fancy, we are on 01204 567666.


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