Overturned scrap metal vehicle in Bolton

On Thursday 24th October, a truck carrying several tonnes of scrap metal overturned on Kay Street, Bolton. The accident caused massive delays to traffic and the emergency services responded immediately. Although the full extent of the accident is unknown, the driver is thought to have suffered some minor injuries. The vehicle in question belonged to J.Doyle Ltd of Bolton. 

The vehicle in question was a bulk tipper; a vehicle that is designed to carry bulk scrap and waste materials. These vehicles come with a weighing system inbuilt so that they can ensure that the weight of the scrap being carried complies with current laws and legislation. 

However, with this, the salvage yard which loads the scrap metal, in order for it to be transported must weigh the vehicle as well. A weighing bridge should be used to  check and double check the weight of the vehicle to prevent an accident such as this one happening. Clearly the weight of this truck had not been checked and sadly caused an accident. Therefore the salvage yard in question will be liable for any damages caused. 

Here at The Scrappers, the safety of our customers and staff is of the utmost importance. We always make sure that any heavy vehicle loaded with hazardous materials or metals is weighed and double checked and stringent records are kept. 

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