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Not Two Grand? No Worries!

If you’re waiting for the government to re-instate the car scrappage brainwave – don’t hold your breath!

We spoke to the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) who dealt with the scheme, and they say there are no plans to run another Vehicle Scrappage Scheme.

The idea lasted 10 months, ending in March last year, and gave motorists a £2000 discount on any new vehicle in return for scrapping their old car which had to be at least 10 years old. It cost the Government over £300m.

This week a BIS spokesman told us the scheme was ‘always time limited’ and added: ‘It was designed to deliver a boost to the industry at a time when it needed it most.’

Happily for would-be car scrappers, all is not lost, thanks to forward-looking companies like The Scrappers who pay instant cash in exchange for you old vehicle. And unlike the government scheme, which tied the £2000 tempter to purchase of new cars only, the cash from The Scrappers can be spent on any vehicle you wish. One of their own quality used cars, at hugely competitive prices, might even be a private tempter for you.

Interestingly, the Government scheme was aimed at creating a greener Britain by getting more new, environmentally-friendly cars on the road.

In its own way, The Scrappers also plays an important part in doing its bit for the environment, but approaching the problem from a different angle.

When the company collects your old car – paying cash instantly on pick up – its environmentally-friendly re-usable bits are cleaned and thoroughly checked for re-sale. What remains is then crushed into a slab of scrap metal for re-use in industry. That enables more precious ores to stay in the earth, perhaps for the use of future generations.

Who needs government schemes when private initiative can show the way? Just a thought.