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Scrap My Car Northampton

Scrap A Car Northampton

Selling your scrap car in Northampton

If your car has come to the end of its life, it might surprise you that you can make money by selling you scrap a car Northampton. Many people, who have chosen to scrap a car Northampton are surprised to find that the car doesn’t just get thrown on a scrap heap. Instead, there are lots of things that scrap cars can be used for. For over 20 years we have been scrapping cars, this means that we are the best in the industry. Many happy customers scrap cars with us, as they know we always pay the best prices.

We are proud that we have customers returning time and time again to scrap their vehicles with us, as this proves that we are both trustworthy and reputable. What’s more, we will come and collect your car for free and pay you by cheque. It is now illegal to pay cash for your scrap car, due to the sharp increase of stolen metal and fraudulent scrap dealers. Therefore, we find that our customers prefer cheques as they are both safe and we can hand it over when our driver gets there. We have drivers on the roads at all time of the day so whenever you call us, you can work out a time and location that’s best for you and we will send our driver as soon as possible. Whatever is the best for you is the best for us when you scrap a car Northampton.

Scrap A Van Northampton

Cars aren’t the only vehicle that we scrap, here at scrap a car locally, we will also scrap a van Northampton. Whatever the size, shape, age make or model of your van, we can come and pick it up at any time. It doesn’t even matter if your van doesn’t start, as everyone of our wagons has the capability to winch the vehicle onto its back. So if you’ve had enough of your old van, and need new wheels to get you to work, why not scrap a van Northampton. Whatever van you have, including Ford, Volkswagen, Renault, Iveco or any other make, we will come and take it off your hands.

Recycle Your Vehicle

When you choose to scrap a car Northampton or scrap a van Northampton, we will not only scrap it, as we do our best to recycle it. We are an Authorised Treatment Facility and have been approved by the Environment Agency, so you can be sure that everything we do , we always have the environment in mind. When we strip your car, we take all the parts out and the engine and we also filter the engine for any materials or fluids that could release harmful emissions. We then refurbish the parts and dispose safely of the fluids and chemicals. Finally we crush the car and this metal will go into making new cars, thus preserving the earth’s natural resources.

Always think about Scrap A Car Locally when you want to scrap a car Northampton, call 01204 388 488.