Nissan Breakers

Nissan is a great make of Japanese car that are known for their style and reliability, even in the lower class cars such as the Micra. When something goes wrong, the parts can be expensive and difficult to get hold of. That’s where The Scrappers comes in.

We have a huge range of used Nissan parts ready and waiting to be fitted to your vehicle. Any parts that we have are completely renovated and make like new, to the highest of industry standards. The only thing that is different about them is the price.

Our Nissan breakers are standing by, ready to see what scrap Nissan parts you need. Even if you need a big part like an engine, or a small part like a wing mirror, all it takes from you is a quick phone call to The Scrappers and one of our operatives will be able to let you know if we have the part you need. Don’t delay! Our part turnover is high, so we could have the part you need in stock right now.

If your Nissan has broken down or failed an MOT, we could help you save a lot of money by selling you one of our used Nissan parts.  We are all about recycling, reusing the parts that we already have after they have been fixed up by one of our expert Nissan breakers.  We have been doing this for twenty five years, and we are at the top of the business. All it takes is a quick enquiry and you can see for yourself why people return to The Scrappers for Scrap Nissan parts again and again.

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