New fence being put up now to stop people cutting threw

As from today there’s being a fence put up to stop offenders breaking and ramb bar on the gate
Last night at 12.10pm I think 4/5 Asian Pakistani lads or gypsies came into the yard to steal a citreon relay van 52 a breaker for Peugeot and Citroen breakers bolton windley st bl22ah
They Came in then was sat in a car playing with the lights then ran across to the classic row then two more ran passed the truck on the end inseen on camera then drove the van slowly into the gate in order to bend it open they then got threw swapped driver and passenger from another car mk5 golf blue or black then the two who took the van jumped in the golf then drove off we contacted the police and they searched and found the van on Coe st bolton dumped why they took it I don’t know because there’s more damage to the van then there is to the gate we got the van back and that’s all that matters the police will be printing the van tmoro they might lift a print or not any thing counts and they’ll do there job again
I’m glad the vans back cause now it’s for breaking at Peugeot and citreon breakers bolton engine and box is mint and there’s parts still for sale cheap
I hope they can fly next time cause as soon as they touch this fence they know about it . They will have nasty surprise.
Due to the upload of this message I advise you to lock up your breakers yards sales pitches scrap yards units mot garages anything attractive lock it up tight at night every night to save hassle and money and know what people are like and to keep your eyes open for thieves. Who enter your business.
Thanks for Your co-operation
Jon walker

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