Need a scrap car quote and get the best price? Call The Scrappers

A scrap car quote will give you an instant price on the value of your unwanted vehicle and The Scrappers can also pick it up for free.

This free scrap car collection service is offered nationwide because they have a scrap car network in place consisting of reputable agents who can pick up your car at a time and place to suit you.

The Scrappers offer cash for your unwanted car regardless of its condition and you will be paid directly into your bank account when it is picked up.

There are two points to appreciate here:

  • You must not accept cash from a scrapyard because this is now illegal
  • The Scrappers will offer the best price because your scrap car is needed for its parts and to recycle.
The best scrap yard UK
Don’t waste time looking for the best scrap yard in the UK – contact The Scrappers on 01204 388488 for the best scrap price.

Free scrap car pick up service

The free scrap car pick up service also extends to those people wanting to scrap their van, motorbike or any other vehicle so it’s probably worth something to The Scrappers.

If your car has failed its MOT or is too expensive to repair, or it has simply reached the end of its life, then a free scrap car collection will be the answer you are looking for.

That’s because you will be unable to drive your car to a scrap yard because it would be illegal to take it onto the road.

You don’t even need the keys because The Scrappers can pick up your car and then take it for recycling at their authorised treatment facility.

Money for scrap cars

This is an important issue for those wanting money for scrap cars because in addition to not accepting cash, you should only deal with a reputable car scrap yard.

This will mean usually that they are an authorised treatment facility so their activities are being monitored by the Environment Agency.

This is important for two reasons, which are:

  • Your car will be depolluted so no harmful oils seep into the environment
  • Only an authorised treatment facility can give you a certificate of destruction which is legal proof you have legally disposed of your vehicle.

To avoid any potential legal headaches and to comply with the law, you really should deal with The Scrappers who can give you a scrap car quote and then arrange for a free collection. Call them today on (01204) 388488.