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Need a Nissan Leaf scrap yard?

If you are searching for a Nissan Leaf scrap yard because your car has now reached the end of its life, then The Scrappers can help.

This may then present you with a problem because not every car scrap yard is geared up to deal with unwanted electrical vehicles, both cars and vans.

However, to earn the best price and have your Nissan Leaf picked up for free, you should contact The Scrappers who can take care of this issue for you and be paid directly into your bank account.

In addition, their offer is available to anyone in the UK because they have established a network of reputable agents to pick-up your unwanted Leaf and have it recycled properly.

Scrapping an electric car in the UK

cash for scrap cars
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There are health and safety issues when it comes to scrapping an electric car in the UK and the scrap yard team needs to be trained properly in how to deal with the depolluting and dismantling an electric car.

Owners may not appreciate there are problems with the electric circuits and scrap yard staff run the risk of electrocution if they haven’t been trained properly.

Also, the batteries for electric cars cannot currently be recycled and need to be dealt with separately.

Despite this, you should never dump an unwanted electric car or van on the roadside or verge because you will still be legally liable for what happens to it. You may be handed an expensive bill for removing it by the scrap yard tasked to deal with it.

Scrapping a Nissan Leaf

There’s no doubt that scrapping a Nissan Leaf is straightforward when you use a reputable firm of experts such as The Scrappers and you should also be wary about any organisation offering to pay hard cash to buy your unwanted electric car.

That’s because it’s now illegal to pay cash when scrapping a vehicle, whether it’s electric or not, so to avoid breaking the law you will need to be paid directly into your bank account.

It’s also highly recommended that you use an authorised treatment facility because only these are able to give you a certificate of destruction to prove that you have scrapped your electric car in a responsible way.

If a scrap yard cannot offer you this certificate when scrapping your wanted electric vehicle, then it’s highly likely that they are not an authorised treatment facility which means they are not being monitored by the Environment Agency.

It is wiser to save yourself the stress by using a Nissan Leaf scrap yard with lots of experience which means contacting The Scrappers who also pay you the best price.