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What’s bugging motorists..

Warmer weather brings out the best in folk and it also brings out a few more visitors. We’re not talking social distancing rebels – we mean green flies or aphids as they’re also known. 

And while this is a normal part of nature this time of year it can mean the extra bug splat on your vehicle when you drive and even when it’s parked up.

Bugs like green flies tend to leave a very sticky residue on your paintwork which can be a struggle to remove without damaging paintwork at times.

But there are quite a few ways to prevent the build up of sticky bug sap in the first place. 

After washing your car, apply a wax, this waxy sheen will make it harder for bugs to stick around.

If you do find an onslaught of bug residue, clean your car with a specialised bug spray remover for vehicle. Don’t be tempted to use regular household products like washing-up liquid.


There are plenty of bug and tar removers for vehicles which will safely remove any ground in dirts and splats without damaging car paintwork. 

As a popular scrapyard in Bolton and also serving the nation, we often hear of cleaning mistakes motorists make when trying to scrub out green fly sap, for example or bird poop.

Some have used abrasive scourers and sponges and inadvertently scratched their cars. In the long run that costs them dearly as they require resprays.

Others, who may have older cars with exteriors they are not that bothered about any more just let the bugs have a field day and the sap builds up becoming harder to remove.

We’ve had cars brought into our yard where you literally cannot see through the windscreen because they’re that thick in bug splat and sap.

This happens when they’ve been parked up, under trees for ages. Cars that don’t perhaps run anymore. That’s usually when car owners are saying, “I want to scrap my car Bolton way”. Or they are saying  “I want to scrap my car in Manchester. Some think, “I want to scrap my car Bury way.” Or anywhere else for that matter.  

Then they give us a call and we do the rest. 


We are a car scrap yard Bolton based, but with scrap car collection services up and down the country. 

You may have a scrap car Stockport way, or you want to ‘scrap my car Leigh way’, that’s never an issue for our certified collection agents who will collect a scrap vehicle for best price.

It’s not just cars either, we buy scrap vans too. 

Say you want to know the scrap value for a Ford transit van, or you have thought, ‘where would I ‘scrap my Audi’, no matter what condition; rough paintwork, bug stained paintwork, running or not, we will get you best price for a scrap car and best price for a scrap van.

So why not get in touch with us. We are an Authorised Treatment Facility adhering to government guideline meanings we dismantle and handle your scrap car in an environmentally suitable manner.The Scrappers are your nearest scrap yard, we are you local scrap dealers because we cover far and wide. 


You will be paid for your scrap car directly into your bank and handed a certificate of destruction. 

Call (01204) 388488 or go online

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