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Motorbike Misery

Has your motorbike lost its cool?

Motorbikes divide opinion around UK. To some they are cool, butch and effortless, to others, loud, cocky and dangerous. But there is no doubting that motorbikes make you sit up and take notice. They are the lion of the road, racing and roaring, making people turn in awe. A rumbling powerhouse.There is an effortless manly coolness, which anyone who strides off a motorbike possesses. 

Do you fancy yourself the next Guy Martin? Love the wind in your face? The feel of the road skimming your knees? 
You got your bike to squeeze through traffic and make people stare but now its spluttering through traffic and making people laugh. Is your motorbike is making you look more Dumbo than Dunlop? Less Suzuki, more scrap heap?

Has it failed its MOT, is it a write off, or has it been in a crash? Is it just not worth the money anymore? Don’t let your spluttering motorbike embarrass you and don’t delay. Scrap your motorbike for cash today, and put  the cash towards that dream Harley Davidson, keep your TT and Grand Prix dreams alive. 

Here, at one the the North West’s most prestigious and trusted vehicle breakers, we can take your scrap motorbike off your hands. We take any make or model, BMW, Mz, Kawasaki, Yahama, Suzuki, Husaberg, Norton, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda and Triumph, to name but a few.  

You can bring your bike to us, and we’ll give you the best price. We are based in Bolton and you can scrap locally, we are within a couple of hours drive from anywhere in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, North Wales and Cumbria. 

But, if your motorbike is a non runner, we have agents based locally and we provide a free collection service. So you don’t even have to climb on the embarrassing scrap heap ever again. You just sit back and relax and we will take care of all the logistics and what’s more we will sort out all the admin for free. 

Don’t delay and call us today: 01204 388488