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Make some money today, when you scrap my car Macclesfield. The Scrappers will pay the best prices for a scrap car and with over 20 years of experience in the scrap a car and car breaking industry, you can be sure that the amount you are offered over the phone is the price you will be paid on collection. When we come to collect your scrap car Macclesfield, we will take it off your hands for free and will deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you. You can trust us to have the most efficient service and you’ll deal with the scrap car industry’s absolute professionals.

Recycling a Car at The Scrappers

When we take your scrap car off your hands and bring it back to our Authorised Treatment Facility in Bolton, it is then put through a process of recycling. If there are parts that still have life in them, we will remover them from the car and sell them on, to give life to another car. We de-pollute the car, so that the environment can’t be harmed by harmful fluids, and then completely empty it so it’s just a shell. Then we put it into our baler so that the metal can be used again, for other cars. This saves the earths natural resources, thus saving the environment. Scrap my car in Macclesfield today to be an eco-warrior.

Quick Quote

When you call or fill in the online form, with the details of your car, you will get a quick valuation and it will always be always be a real person that you deal with. The Scrappers with scrap my car Macclesfield, no matter the age, make or condition of your car. We will have take any car of your hands, from Ford Ka’s to Range Rovers.

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