The Scrappers in The Bolton News!

Our gaffer Terry has been quoted in The Bolton News in relation to the ongoing problem of scrap metal theft!

Scrapyards put in picture in bid to stop metal thefts

SCRAPYARDS in Bolton will be given photographs of known criminals in the latest bid to stop thieves who strip metal from homes, businesses and churches.

The announcement comes as police carried out another series of visits to scrap dealers in Bolton yesterday to make sure they are not buying stolen metal.

Police in the town have been sharing information about crime with scrapyards, including pictures of commonly stolen cable types and information about recent thefts. Now the arrangement is to be taken to the next step when police will give photographs of convicted metal thieves to merchants so they can easily identify them.

Insp Wayne Readfern, who is leading the crackdown, said: “We want to stop the thefts, and one of the ways we can do that is to share information.”

Metal merchants welcomed the scheme, saying it would help them spot the dodgy dealers. Gary Ogden, one of the owners of PG Metals in Derbyshire Street, Bolton, said: “We can all help each other — if it knocks down metal theft it will be better for us. We don’t want these people coming in.”

The Scrappers owner Terry Walker said: “It’s better to keep in front of your game and be in front of the criminals, and it’s businesses like us who can help in achieving that.”

Yesterday a boss at SC Chadwick and Sons in Oakenbottom Road, Breightmet, was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods after four bin bags full of cable belonging to BT, and a further 5kg of stripped BT cable, were found at the premises.

The man was last night being quizzed by officers.

In total 16 scrapyards across Greater Manchester were visited by police yesterday, resulting in 13 arrests.