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The Scrappers Development – The Future of Salvage

Here at The Scrappers, we are always aiming to be the most innovative salvage yard around. Every day, we research the fundamentals of the salvage industry to ensure that each day we strive for a better business for ourselves, the environment and our customers. We look forward to a future in which we will produce zero waste and send no material to landfill. It is our aim, our passion and our goal.

Over the past 25 years since The Scrappers was established there have been improvements and changes to the legislation that governs our industry. The development of our company has therefore adapted to these changes and in our opinion, become a better service for our customers; open, honest and transparent.

The Trip To Italy

We are always learning, from other companies and our peers, and the directors of The Scrappers, Terry and Lyndsay Walker even took a trip to Italy to see how one of the biggest salvage yards in Verona operated. Autodemolizione Pollini, Terry and Lyndsay found was, like The Scrappers, a family run company. Established three generations ago, the Pollini family had realised that they must keep up to date in the recycling side of car salvage and so invested in a shredder.

Seeing how the shredder worked, and the efficiency provided when separating materials, ready for recycling, Terry and Lyndsay decided that this is exactly what The Scrappers needed. So on their arrival back into the UK, the yard was rearranged and segmented, so that each part of the recycling or reuse process can be completed swiftly and with ease, before the car is put into the shredder for the plastic processing. As we already recycle metal, with the leading metal processors in the area, the next step was to focus on plastics.

We believe that with new technology and investment in car salvage, we will fulfill our dream of becoming a zero-waste site by 2025. It is in our interests and the future generations to ensure that each and every part of a vehicle is recycled or reused as much as possible.

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