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Mercedes To Sell In Bolton

Today is Good Friday and not just because it’s Easter weekend.

It’s good in so many ways, in fact.

If you’d like to scrap a car today, you can because The Scrappers are open for business as usual.

We want to turn Good Friday into an even better Friday so you can get the best deal for your scrap vehicle today.

We’re feeling extra generous and want to see smiles on our customer’s faces. Happy times are ahead and The Scrappers would like to see you on the road to joyous times.

And that’s because when you scrap your vehicle with us you’ll get the best payout.

Has your car or van pretty much surrendered? Is it barely shifting?

Do you have a vehicle that is stressing you out?

Then why suffer the pain any longer?

Why not scrap your car today with The Scrappers?

You could have an accident damaged Range Rover to sell in Manchester.

Perhaps you’ve got a MOT failure Jaguar to sell.

You could have a high mileage Mercedes to sell in Bolton.

Or even a rusty BMW to scrap in Bury.

The above are just examples of the kind of car you can contact The Scrappers about.


We will buy any car, any make or model in any condition, so whatever the vehicle let’s talk scrap! Or let’s talk about car sales too.

The Scrappers would sincerely like to make your Good Friday even better by offering you a competitive price for your car.

We have a great reputation for paying the best prices for scrap vehicles and that’s not inly in the Bolton area.

The Scrappers HQ is in the Bolton area but we car take back from miles around.

As a general rule, we operate within a 50 miles radius.

But rules were meant to be broken! So please get into touch if you are based further afield.

There are always certain cars we are after and will travel lengthier distances to collect.

It’s dead easy to get an instant quote on your scrap vehicles.

Punch in a few key details and you’ll get a figure for you scrap car or van or bike.


The Scrappers are also after copper and pay the best prices for copper.

So why don’t you cop for some dosh and sell us your copper.

If you’re wondering, “who buys copper Manchester” that’s The Scrappers.

You could be thinking, “sell copper Bolton”, then the Scrappers should be your first port of call.

Our phone number is 01204388488. Store us into your smartphone. You never know when you might need The Scrappers.

If your vehicle isn’t ready for the scrapyard but needs some TLC – that’s tender loving components. Give The Scrappers a call, they have thousands of used car parts in store for a fraction of the price of new.

Or to sell a car visit you click here and get a great price.