Mercedes Breakers

Mercedes are a well known, German brand of car that can keep going for years and years. Once they have started to break down, however, it is important that you do not get ripped off by going for expensive parts and garages. People presume that because you have a Mercedes, you have money, but that is no reason to not take a look at our used Mercedes parts. It could save you thousands!

When you are looking for used Mercedes parts, let The Scrappers see what we have in our yard. We have been in business for twenty five years and our low prices and great customer service means we are expert Mercedes breakers. We could have the part you need, taken from one of our scrap Mercedes and fully restored to a very high standard. All our used Mercedes parts are then tested and improved until they are fit for your car.

Our salvage yard is based in North West England, but we operate throughout the UK. We currently have a high volume of scrap Mercedes that we need to sell on to people like you. All it takes is a quick phone call to us and one of our staff will be able to tell you quickly whether we have that exact part in stock for you, along with the colour and condition if needed.  One of our fantastic Mercedes breakers could also fit it for you, for a small fee.

Don’t retire your old Mercedes because of a couple of problem parts. Call us today!