Manchester Scrap Car Collection

Manchester Scrap Car Collection

As one of the best cities in the world,  Manchester has thousands of cars in many different states of repair. If your car is in a sad state of repair, why not come to Scrap A Car Locally to scrap my car Manchester. We have been the biggest and best scrap yard in the Greater Manchester area for over 20 years and our great reputation confirms that we are a trustworthy business. The scrap car trade has gained somewhat of a bad reputation due to metal fraud, however, we are working against this notion. On the 1st October 2013 it was made law that it was illegal to pay cash for scrap, so we now pay by company cheque. This means that the dodgy dealers and metal thieves can no longer trade. If you are offered cash for your scrap car, do not accept it, as this is an illegal transaction.

Our scrap car Manchester service is the best in the North West. Not only do we help you through scrapping your car, but we also pay the best prices in the area and collect your scrap car Manchester for free. We have drivers on the road at all hours of the day, so wherever you are in the Manchester area, we can be with you within the hour. Our team are friendly and professional, so you will always know what’s going on when you scrap and there are never any hidden charges. We also take care of the DVLA paperwork for you.


Scrap Car Manchester

When you scrap a car Manchester with us, it may just happen that we use parts from your car before we crush it. If there are parts on your car that are working to a good standard and can be cleaned and refurbished and used again, we will never throw it away. Instead we can put these parts onto the market at a budget price, helping others to save money. So although it may be sad that you’re having to get rid of you old heap of a car, it is comforting to know that the parts that are still usable are being used.

We recycle cars to the highest of standards, making sure that every part is clean, all the hazardous materials are filtered and disposed of and then the metal is crushed. This metal then goes into making other cars and items,, meaning that natural resources are being spared.


Used Car Parts

If you think that your car has still got life in it yet, and would benefit instead from a used car part, why not give us a call on 01204 388 488. We have thousands of parts for all makes and models on the shelves right now, just waiting to be dispatched to you. Our parts are great value for money, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your car back on the road. Every part that we sell will be in a perfect condition, it will be almost as if you have bought a brand new part from the manufacturer.

So if you need a used car part or to scrap a car Manchester today, fill in the online form right now.