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Malpas is a village which is situated on the border of three counties. Although Malpas is in Cheshire, it holds borders with Wales and Shropshire, so it really does have the best of all worlds. Another amazing fact about Malpas is that its residents can get the best prices if they choose to scrap my car Malpas with The Scrappers. We make sure that all our customers in Malpas are completely satisfied with the service that they receive from us, it is of utmost importance that every single customer drives away happy.

Honesty and Truth when you scrap with The Scrappers

Give us a call to day to scrap a car Malpas today. Not only will you be able to speak to a real scrap trade professional, we will come and collect your car for free. We never charge for the collection of scrap cars and we never chip on the price. Chipping prices is an action often performed by scrap a car dealers, and means that you are offered one price on the phone and given a different price on collection. You can be sure when you’re scrapping a car with The Scrappers we will give you a cheque with the full amount that we offered you on the phone.

Get in Touch today

Call 01204 388 488 to speak to one of the team. Scrap my car Malpas today as we’re the no.1 scrap yard in the North West, there is literally no one better to scrap with. We not only give quality prices but we also give a quality service.

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