Major firms extend their car scrappage schemes


Buy a new Seat Ibiza under the car scrappage scheme.

The UK’s car scrappage schemes began last year and have proved to be so popular that many of the major car makers have decided to continue with them.

The latest car firms to reveal they are extending their scheme include Seat who say their scheme will run until 31 March.

They want the owners of older cars to scrap them and switch to Euro 6 compliant vehicles that have lower emissions.

As an enticement, Seat is offering up to £3,500 off new diesel and petrol models from their range; these models should be ordered by 31 March and registered by 30 June. The vehicle being traded-in will be scrapped.

In return, for those scrapping their vehicle will see £1,500 taken from price of the Seat Mii, £2,500 given against the price of an Ibiza, the Leon is eligible for a £3,500 deduction while the Toledo will benefit from £3,000.

Dacia announced it is extending its scrappage scheme


Dacia extends scrappage scheme on its Duster and Sandero.

On the same day, Dacia announced it is extending its scrappage scheme for its Sandero and Duster models.

They are, for the first time, offering a £500 scrappage allowance against the Sandero, while there’s £1,000 available for the Duster.

Their scheme is being extended until the end of March also.

There’s no doubt that the Dacia scrappage scheme offers cracking value for money.

Essentially, any car registered before 31 December 2009 will be eligible for part exchange under their scheme and then scrapped responsibly.

The Dacia Sandero, for example, starts at £5,995 and Duster starts at £9,495 which is the UK’s most affordable SUV.

Hyundai revealed that it too was going to extend its scrappage scheme


Hyundai’s car scrappage scheme could lower the cost of the all-new Kona.

But that’s not all, on the same day of Dacia’s announcement, Hyundai revealed that it too was going to extend its scrappage scheme.

The offer is available until 31 March and also extends to the all-new Hyundai Kona with the firm offering £1,750 off all of its derivatives.

It’s also a more generous scrappage scheme with £5,000 available off the list price from many Hyundai models.

To comply, the car being scrapped must be in the category of Euro 1 – 4 emissions standards.

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