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Lots of Pounds for Prestwich

Scrap My Car Prestwich

Has your car broken down? Has it made you think it’s time to scrap my car Prestwich? Well why not give us a call today and we’ll offer you the best price for scrap cars Manchester. Hoards of ancient silver and gold have been found in Prestwich and the surrounding areas, and you could have your own hoard in your bank, when you scrap a car Prestwich. So don’t delay, if you’re thinking it’s time to scrap my car Prestwich, it probably is. Don’t spend a fortune trying to fix your car up, call us today and we’ll sort out free collection and all the paperwork for you.

Trusted Service to Scrap a Car Prestwich

We pay by cheque if you scrap a car Prestwich, this is due to new legislation which states that scrap car dealers are no longer allowed to pay cash for scrap cars. This is due to scrap metal theft in the UK, costing the economy £770 million every year. So make sure that you scrap my car Prestwich with The Scrappers, for the most trusted scrap yard in the North West. You can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that our aim is to make every customer happy, 100% satisfaction rate is the goal.

Scrap Cars Manchester and more

We can not only scrap a car Prestwich and scrap cars Manchester, we also sell used car parts. Our parts are just as good as buying a new car part, but are almost always half the price, what could be better than that? Your car is back on the road and you’ve saved a good sum of money?

Call us today on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form for a quick quote to scrap a car Prestwich.

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