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Back on the road again

People are gradually starting to return to work as lockdown has loosened.

That means an increase in traffic as motorists get used to being back behind the wheel again.

Being back in the driving seat might feel a little foreign if you’ve been working from home for the past few months or have been furloughed during the past few weeks. ¬†

“It’s normal to feel a bit rusty if you’ve not driven in a while,” says The Scrappers boss Terry Walker. The Scrappers are Britain’s best scrap yard in Bolton and serving the nation.

“It’s just a case of getting your confidence back, being safe and being thoughtful to other motorists too,” he added.

If you’re about to get back on the road, here’s a few safety tips from everyones local scrap yard to ensure a sense of security while back in the driving seat.

Slow down

Rushing won’t get you anywhere faster in the long run. You could clock up a speeding fine, worse still, cause an accident. It’s not worth it. Be safe and stick to the speeding limit.

No texting

Smartphones have become our life. It’s hard to imagine how we’d carry on without them. But using your phone while driving and texting is a big no no. Don’t be tempted to message while driving, wait until you’ve parked up safely and then fill yer boots texting, WhatSapping or whatsevering!

Leave early

Don’t leave setting off to the last minute and rushing about which can result in speeding. Set off early so you have plenty of time. Giving yourself plenty of time prevents feelings of stress and you’ll breeze from A to B.¬†

Stay in your lane

Pick a lane and stay nice and steady in it instead of weaving in and out. Staying on the straight and narrow as they say. 

Keep your distance 

Keeping your distance from the car in front enables you to have plenty more time to stop if you suddenly should have to. Those two chevrons apart are there for a reason you know. Besides, as we are so used to social distancing these days – let’s keep that frame of mind behind the wheel too!

Plan ahead

If you’re heading somewhere you haven’t been before, plan your route beforehand, it’ll help you feel more focused on the road and in control.¬†

Vehicle maintenance 

Keep your motor in tip top condition by having it serviced regularly and paying attention to any warning lights that pop up on the dashboard. Keeping up with servicing means your car will run better and you’ll feel safer.¬†Both The Scrappers and All Tyred Up can tend to all your motoring needs, for tyre checks to replacement parts.

Check before you drive

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of giving your vehicle a little recki before you head out.

Pilots check planes before every flight, so why shouldn’t motorists do the same with their cars.¬†

Belt up

Buckling up is law for a reason, so don’t chance it – wear your seatbelt. It’s actually one oft he safest things a driver should do.¬†

Rest up

Over-tired motorists are almost as dangerous as intoxicated drivers. Make sure you get enough sleep, and if you’re feeling drowsy while driving pull up somewhere safe and get some rest before driving again.¬†

Stay calm 

Road rage and panic driving is never a good idea. Approach driving in a sensible calm manner, stay patient and try to enjoy the experience rather than find fault with everything. 

Happy driving! Call The Scrappers on 01204 388488. Call All Tyred up on 01204 567666.

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