Land Rover Breakers

Land Rovers have grown in popularity over the years. From farmers to footballer’s wives, they have become a status symbol, the epitome of style and safety.  If your car starts to go wrong or fails an MOT, it is possible to get it through without spending thousands of pounds on mechanics and garages. Call The Scrappers!

Are you looking for the parts from a scrap Land Rover? A part of the Jaguar family, the great British four by four can be expensive to run and can cost even more to fix. There are ways around this, however. We have the best quality used Land Rover parts in the North West. All of the parts we collect are treated and repaired to the highest industry standards by our qualified mechanics, who are expert Land Rover breakers, before being sold on to people like you.

All it takes is a quick call and one of our advisers will be able to let you know exactly what we have in stock. Our used Land Rover parts are popular and go quickly, so make sure you ring up as soon as possible. If you are interested in one of our scrap Land Rover system or parts, ring The Scrappers and make us an offer.

We are Land Rover breakers that are dedicated to making sure that owners get a great price and friendly service. We are a very customer driven business, which means we always make sure that clients get the best service ever. This explains why we get so much return business, whether it is people scrapping cars or buying parts from us.

So, give us a bell and see whether we can help fix your car with one of our great used Land Rover parts. Don’t write your vehicle off with just one broken part, call The Scrappers today!