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Know your best deal Knowsley

Failed your MOT Knowsley?

How many times have you driven your car around the Safari Park Knowsley? Has crawling along the long, winding road causing damage to your engine? Or have you just had enough of how it looks? Have the chimpanzees scratched the paint job one too many times? Well, all you need to know is that we’ll come and rescue you Knowsley..

With our crack team of scrap experts on hand, we can come and pick your car up and bring it in for scrap: None of this monkey business with unprofessional, unlicensed scrap dealers. You can be sure that we stick to a strict code of salvaging and recycling your car.

Make sure that the environment is kept clean for the animals that make you famous Knowsley, do your bit. If you scrap with us you can be sure that we are helping to make the world a greener place. No more ripping up the forests, killing the home of all the wildlife.

We Pay The Best Prices Around

 Just give us a call today for a quick quote and one of our scrap dealers will come and collect your car free of charge and even give you an elephant sized cheque.  Click here to fill in our online form and one of our expert advisers will give you call with a price for your scrap car.

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