Eddie and Mohammed – Bolton College – Mechanics Work Experience – 2017

Bolton college has sent two young students, who are doing a level 2 Motor vehicle maintenance course, and are on their second year out of three, to do a work placement at Metro salvage. The two students, are called Eddie and Mohammed who both want to finish their qualifications and certificates to move onto work after they leave college. One of the students has already planned out what he is going to do after he leaves college. He already has the opportunity to work with a company that works on sports cars and super cars as long as he meets the requirements with his qualifications.

Michael McKenzie is training the two students and giving them the experience they need for when they go out into the big world. Michael is an auto electrician, which is someone who works primarily with the electronic faults within vehicles. He has been showing the what they need to do and how to do it. One of the things they have been working is repairing vehicles, taking a tire off and working on other components which wouldn’t accessible without removing the tire.

Because the vehicles can be dirty and dangerous if safety precautions aren’t taken. The students need to wear appropriate clothing and wear safety glasses when below the car. The clothing that would be required to be worn usually are resistant to letting liquids like oils leak through the fabric and make its way to anywhere that you wouldn’t want the oil to get to. The glasses are also needed for when under the car as dirt could get in your eyes , either causing damage or potentially causing you to become ill. Another thing the students have to do when repairing a car is to check for any other faults. If the car has faults that were not already identified then those issues can be repaired as well as the first known issue or issues with the vehicle.

The cars that come through for repair can either be a customers vehicle who is in need of repairs, or be a vehicle which failed the MOT test due to a fault, and is then repaired to then be sold as a fully functioning car.