Jaguar Breakers

The Jaguar is a true British sports car that has been around since 1922. It is a beautiful and dependable car, but sometimes things can go wrong. If you are in the market for new parts so you don’t need to write your vehicle off, give The Scrappers a call and see if we have any used Jaguar parts in stock. We could end up saving you a lot of money, through mechanic bills and replacement cars.

We are based in North West England and we have a dedicated customer base that comes back to use time and time again, because they know we are a highly reliable Jaguar breakers with great prices and good quality used Jaguar parts. All of the parts in our scrap yard go through rigorous testing and renewal, bringing them to the highest standard in the Jaguar scrap industry. We are all about reusing and recycling the parts, to save you money.

Although Jaguar is a highly reliable make of car, if something does go wrong they can be expensive to replace. Call The Scrappers and see if we have the scrap Jaguar parts that you are looking for. We could end up saving you thousands of pounds, especially if your car has recently failed an MOT. Give the UK’s finest Jaguar breakers a chance to supply any parts that you need. Our staff will be able to tell you quickly and easily whether the part you need is in stock and we will give you a great price as well.

Our salvage yard is always stocked full of cars and Jaguars are no exception. If you need a quote on a vehicle or just want to know what scrap Jaguar parts we have in our supply, all it takes it a quick phone call to The Scrappers and help you in any way we can.

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