Is this the future for scrapping cars?


The Scrappers fleet is busy every day – but for how much longer?

Here at The Scrappers we have many years of experience when it comes to scrapping cars and vans and have established a network of agents around the UK to help us meet the demand for our vehicle scrapping expertise from customers.

There have been a lot of changes in recent years; the laws over scrapping vehicles have tightened and only scrapyards that are Authorised Treatment Facilities can, legally, process a car or van for scrapping.

This means that we have a legal obligation to ensure that the car or van is depolluted properly which means that oils, and also any petrol and antifreeze, are removed from the car and do not damage our environment.

There’s also a need to remove as much from the vehicle that can be recycled or reused and here at The Scrappers we have excellent relationships with overseas customers looking to buy spare parts such as gearboxes and engines from scrapped cars in the UK.

Legislation could have a major effect on the country’s scrapping industry

However, there is likely to be other legislation on the horizon that could have a major effect on the country’s scrapping industry.

For example, the government has already made clear its intention to take all diesel and petrol vehicles from the UK’s roads by 2040. This is a laudable and ambitious scheme which will benefit everyone.

That’s because the pollution caused by vehicles should fall substantially.

There are also other schemes that see car manufacturers helping to recycle as much of the cars they have produced as is possible.

This is also a good idea but we can foresee a time when someone buying a Ford car, for example, will when they want replace it or it reaches its end of life, simply return the car to Ford.

Facility to recycle most of the car

Ford will, we predict, then take the car back to the factory where there will be a facility to recycle most of the car.

So, where does this leave professional scrapyards such as The Scrappers and other professionals in the UK?

That’s a good question and there’s no easy answer; in the short-term there will still be lots of activity as the UK strives to remove older diesel and petrol vehicles from the roads but in the medium-term we can foresee that this may no longer happen.

Indeed, there may not be a scrap industry at all in the UK and, this is one of our predictions, because there will be a surcharge when people buy a new car and this surcharge will help the manufacturer recycle the vehicle when it comes to be scrapped.

This effectively removes scrapyards from the entire process and puts the onus onto carmakers instead.

The Scrappers have an excellent reputation

Is this a good or bad proposition for the UK car industry? Here at The Scrappers we have an excellent reputation for delivering impressive levels of customer service and the best prices for scrap vehicles and we would like to continue doing this but a future government may decide otherwise.