A Ford car being taken to a Ford scrap yard

Is there a Ford scrap yard near me in Bolton?

Scrap a Ford car or van and earn £££s

The simple answer to the question, ‘Is there a Ford scrap yard near me?’, is ‘Yes!’.

That’s because The Scrappers are experienced Ford breakers and can pay the best price for your scrap or salvage Ford car or van wherever you are in the UK.

The family-run car breakers are based in the North West of England, in Bolton to be exact, but they have built up a reputable network of car scrapping agents and offer a free collection of your unwanted Ford car or van.

So, if you need to scrap a Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mondeo, Ford Ranger, or a Ford Transit van, then you need to call The Scrappers to earn the best price.

Quality used Ford parts

In order to pay the most money, The Scrappers will recycle and sell quality used Ford parts to customers in the UK and also overseas.

It’s also important to appreciate that you must comply with the law when you are scrapping a Ford vehicle and you cannot, for example, dump it by the roadside and you’ll need to use an authorised treatment facility.

These facilities are monitored on a regular basis by the Environment Agency to ensure that the UK’s vehicle scrapping laws are being met.

This means you have peace of mind that your scrap Ford car or van is not only being properly depolluted so it doesn’t harm the environment but that the spare parts are being recycled for others to use.

Another important aspect of the vehicle scrapping laws is that you can no longer be paid in cash and you must be paid directly by bank transfer into your account – The Scrappers will do this when they pick up your unwanted Ford.

The process to scrap a Ford car or van

A Ford car being taken to a Ford scrap yard

Need to know if there is a ‘Ford scrap yard near me?’ Then you need to get in touch with The Scrappers to earn the best price.

The Scrappers also make the process to scrap a Ford car or van as easy as possible and they will take care of the DVLA paperwork too.

Another important consideration when using an authorised treatment facility is that only these scrap yards can give you a certificate of destruction which proves you have disposed of your Ford van or car in a legally compliant way and is proof to the DVLA that you have done so.

For peace of mind, you should only deal with experts who scrap Ford cars and vans on a regular basis so if you want to ‘find a Ford scrap yard near me’ in Bolton, then call the friendly team today on (01204) 388488 to find out how much your Ford is worth and arrange a free collection.