Is there a 24/7 car scrap dealer near me?

Who will collect my scrap car at night near me?

Night collection with The Scrappers

If you’re a night owl, guess what…so are The Scrappers.

Well our vehicle collection drivers certainly are anyway! 

That means we can come out and collect your car, van, truck, bike or whatever during the night at a time that suits you. 

The Scrappers don’t operate on a 9-to-5 basis we are basically here for when you need us. So if you’ve decided to scrap a car today but it can’t be collected until the evening don’t worry we’ve got you. If you’ve been wondering, “is there a 24/7 car scrap dealer near me?” the answer is “yes”.

What’s more is you won’t get charged for the service.

The Scrappers offer a free car take back, meaning we will collect any car for free no matter where in the north-west you are based. 

Our headquarters may be situated in Bolton but we cover the whole north-west region. And we buy any car, any make, any model, any year. 

Plus did you know we pay the best prices for scrap cars in the north-west?

So if you have been wondering, “who will collect my scrap car at night near me?” contact The Scrappers.


And did you know we are also open during the weekend? In fact we are open seven days a week and can literally offer you a round-the-clock service should you need your vehicle collecting. 

Just ring our friendly team on (01204) 388488. Or why not go online and get a near instant quote for your scrap vehicle. 

Whichever way you choose to contact us our happy team will be ready to deal with you.

So if you’ve been wondering, “what is the simplest way to scrap my car?” then come to The Scrappers. 

Our aim is to keep everything simple.

We endeavour to take the stress out of car scrapping, meaning we can help you with every aspect.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I need help with my DVLA paperwork to scrap my car”, don’t worry The Scrappers are more than happy to assist you. Scrapping a vehicle shouldn’t be a burden and that’s why we are here to help.

Just give us a call today and we will sort you out. If you want to scrap an Audi in Manchester, for example, that’s fine with us. Or if you want to scrap a Volvo in Bolton great stuff too! You might want to scrap a BMW Preston way, not a problem for us.

We can pick up from anywhere in the north-west and give you the best price for your scrap vehicle. We are also the go to shop for secondhand car parts. If you are looking for cheap car parts online or cheap car parts in the north-west give The Scrappers a shout.

And if you have any scrap metal to sell why not speak to JAW Metals.