Is scrapping my car bad for the environment?



Can you guess what this is?

At a quick first glance it looks like a barley field, but in actual fact it’s a mountain of copper wiring.

Each length has been stripped out of cars that have come into Bolton’s best breakers yard – The Scrappers.

Top cop – beautiful copper 😍

Our car breaking team works tirelessly removing the wires from vehicles. It is labour intensive work but well worth doing because the copper is recycled and reused – as are most items and materials in our yard.


In fact, we recycle around 90 percent of everything that comes in which is why we love this industry!

Take tyres for example, a late model vehicle may come in and the tyres are practically new. It would be insane to discard these tyres when they can be used on another vehicle for a snippet of the price of paying for brand new. 


So that’s where we can come in and offer cheap quality part-worn tyres to happy customers. 

At the other end of the scale, tyres that have no more tread and therefore have lost all their grip are obviously no good to any motorists. 

Tyre-rific tyres!



That means these rubber rings that are too tired to be useful tyres anymore will be recycled into something else wonderful and rubbery.

That could be anything from handbags to shoe bottoms to wellington boots to swimming goggles to mobile phone cases to dog toys.

If you can think of it – it can be made!

So if you’re starting to think along the lines of, “my car isn’t running well, perhaps I should scrap my car, but is scrapping my car bad for the environment?”

Let The Scrappers put your mind at rest.

Scrapping your car at an Authorised Treatment Facility like ours means that every inch every nook and cranny that can be recycled will be recycled. So you are doing your bit for a greener planet.


And elements that could pose a risk to the environment are dealt with safely and professionally. We do this in order to protect the planet – such as depolluting a vehicle for example. 

If you are thinking of scrapping your car and want the best price paid for a scrap car – then call on us.

We deal with car scrapping in Bolton – and nationwide too.


We have a network of collection agents operating up and down the country who will collect your car for free. 

As much as we are a car scrap yard in Bolton, we are a car scrap yard in Manchester too.

We are a car scrap yard in Leeds and a car scrap yard in Bury and a car scrap yard in Sheffield.

Basically we are a car scrap yard for everywhere! Because we provide our services nationwide.

High pile club – mass pile of copper wire

So no matter where you are based, we have that area covered. 

If you need car parts we can hunt down whatever quality used car part you need.  It can be delivered to you – usually arriving the next day.


So you don’t even need to come into our Bolton breakers yard. Unless you fancy swinging by for a face to face chat and a brew – with social distancing observed, of course!

If you’d like a phone chat to find out how much your car is worth contact us on 01204 388488.

Or get an accurate valuation for your car online by filling out our form here. Click the car 🚘 

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