Upgrade your van

Is now the time to upgrade your van?

It’s a really enticing prospect for those running old vans and many may be wondering whether it is now time to upgrade your van?

That’s because there are some excellent van scrappage schemes currently in progress from the leading manufacturers including Citroen, Renault, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

While their offerings vary, Citroen and Renault are offering up to £7,000 off a brand-new van; VW is offering £2,000.

Obviously, these are great sales tactics to boost sales with great money-off deals they are only available until the end of December.

The aim of manufacturers, including Ford, is to create an incentive for van owners to buy a van that’s EU 6 compliant.

Upgrade your van with a scrappage scheme

Under most of the schemes, you could upgrade your van under a scrappage scheme but it will need to be registered before 2010 but generally van owners can scrap any make or model of a van that is pre-Euro 5 diesel.

Indeed, the scrappage scheme is being run by van manufacturers have been extremely popular and Ford has announced its extending its own scrappage scheme from the end of December until the end of March.

That’s because it’s been one of the U.K.’s most successful scrappage schemes with more than 10,500 vehicle scrap so far to be replaced by cleaner fuel efficient models. Other van makers will probably follow in 2018.

The Mercedes scrappage scheme is a late offering from the German firm but it does offer owners of old vans the chance to access a deposit contribution that will be between £1,000 and £5,600 under the scheme. The money available depends on the model being chosen.

The van swapping programme from Mercedes is aimed at van owners with one van and those who have small fleets of up to 24 vans that have EU4 or EU5 engines fitted.

Swap their old van for a new EU 6 compliant Mercedes van

Essentially, customers will be able to swap their old van for a new EU 6 compliant Mercedes van.

Volkswagen is also running a popular scheme which, sadly for many van owners, will end at the end of December while the option of buying a new VW car under the scheme has been extended into 2018.

For example, the firm is offering £1,000 from its Caddy panel van and also the Caddy Life while the Transporter panel van gets a £2,000 discount.

There’s also £2,000 available as a discount for the Crafter and the Transporter Shuttle. Those are very attractive savings to enjoy.

However, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere on The Scrappers blog, it’s always worthwhile checking the small print since, in the case of VW, the scrappage scheme excludes the Amarok, the Transporter Sportline and the California.

UK’s car and van scrappage schemes

There’s no doubt that the UK’s car and van scrappage schemes have been extremely popular but time is running out for those who want to enjoy hefty discounts on a new vehicle that is cleaner and cheaper to run and offers more refinement and comfort levels. Even if your van does not comply with any of these schemes, then speak with The Scrappers team to find out how much your van is worth as scrap.

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