Important Changes to Scrapping Your Car

The way in which we scrap cars has changed a lot since The Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 1964. In the sixties, recycling and climate change were terms which were never thought of, never mind used on a daily basis. We now look at scrapping metal as a recycling process; whereby the components of your scrap car can be used again and again. 

Although until 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act had never been replaced, many changes and amendments had been made to accommodate a world in which saving the environment is a main priority.  Therefore it was decreed in February 2013 that The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013would come into force in October and would include all the changes that had been made over the years. And then some.

From October 2013, all scrap metal dealers must hold a licence which is issued by the local authority. You can hold one of two licences; a site licence or a collection licence. Here at The Scrappers, Bolton’s no. 1 scrap metal dealer, we have a site licence as our scrap car and breaking yard is where most of our business happens. If you are going to scrap your car always make sure that you check the dealer has a licence otherwise you may come up against some serious problems. All you have to do is ask, as by law you are entitled to see the permit. If the scrap dealer does not have a licence there is a good chance that the local authority have refused to issue one, due to any of the following reasons:

  • The scrap dealer in question may have been convicted of a scrap dealing offence. 
  • Alternatively, the dealer may have been refused a licence before. 
  • The scrap dealer may have even had their licence revoked before. 

A scrap dealer may only have a licence for one local authority, so if you’re aware of a scrap dealer operating in two or more different local authorities be sure to give that dealer a wide berth as what they are doing is illegal, and there is a chance you are being scammed and this dealer is a fraud. Now for the big change. 

Scrap dealers are no longer allowed to pay cash for scrap metal. 

All transfers are to be conducted by cheque or electronically. It is illegal for a scrap metal dealer to give you cash in hand for your scrap car. If you are offered cash do not take it. This transaction is against the law.

When you scrap any car, you must provide the dealer with your full name and address and they then must keep stringent records, including a description of  your scrapped car and the date and time of the transaction. But why? Why has all this changed? Scrap dealers have been operating under the 1964 act for nearly fifty years, what’s happened? Theft, that’s what has happened. 15’000 of metal is stolen every year by thieves and rogue traders. Of that number 15% is stolen from scrap yards. They’re some scary numbers. And do you want to know how much scrap metal theft costs the UK economy every year?  £770 million. 

Now you know how much dodgy scrap metal is costing the economy, you may want to think twice about who you’re scrapping your car with. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want more information about the changes to the law. And if you’re scrapping your car, you can rest assured that dealing with  The Scrappers will always be kind to you and kind to the environment. Call 01204 388 488. 

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